A Breather… Appendixes!

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out the first full issue of “Amazing Age”. The initial series will be five issues, with each one running between twenty and twenty-five pages. Between each one, Jeremy and Christine will get breather and I’ll be posting some little behind the scenes stuff for our little book.


I’ve been asked more than a few times about the origins of this story, and while it’s pretty hard to pinpoint, it really goes back to when I was a kid making my own comics. Between the ages of six and thirteen, I wrote anddrew my own superhero stories, just like many other comic fans at that age. Admittedly, several of my characters were takes on existing heroes form “real” comic publishers and others were absolutely cheesy in name, appearance and concept. As I got older each character took on distinctive personalities, even if they were “rip offs”. I began writing elaborate back stories, continuing arcs, guest appearances and once a year, I’d even do a crossover event with all of my characters coming together. By the Time I got to middle school, I stopped doing these comics. School and friends dominated lot of my time and I noticed that I couldn’t write and draw them as quickly as I did when I was younger. Despite a brief run of a comic I wrote during my senior year of high school (more on that later) I pushed these characters to the back burner, but they were never forgotten…

I’ve always wanted to do a full blown superhero comic book and when rummaging around through old drawings of mine, I rediscovered all the heroes form “Matthew Comics”. I knew I wanted a way to bring thses characters back as a “real” comic, but I wanted to keep their youth-influenced back stories and didn’t want to spen years retelling those stories exactly. The idea for “Amazing Age” quickly sprang from that and I knew that this was the perfect way to bring them back to life.

Therefore, every character you will see in “Amazing Age is from my childhood. Jeremy and I are updating theme a little, but they are all there. By the time this series is finished you will have seen dozens of creations from my youth. The main heroes are clearly J.E.T. though, which is the first comic book I ever created as a kid.  Even when I created different teams and rotated their rosters, J.E.T. has always remained the three characters of Mr. Might (formerly Mr. Macho when I was younger), Violet, and Black Night. They always have been and always will be J.E.T.


Mr. Might was my classic superhero…flight, super-strength, the epitome of good, Violet was his girlfriend (later his wife) who was more of an acrobatic vigilante. Black Night was Mr. Might’s best friend who originally had more of a Spider-Man vibe but morphed into his own character over the years. GEE was quickly established as their arch nemesis. The original J.E.T. comic only lasted sixteen issues and I began a new comic called “X-Team” (more originality there) with the three members of J.E.T. and new heroes. J.E.T. was later revived for another twelve issue series when I was around eleven years old. Check back soon and I’ll go into each character’s  individual history as part of “Matthew Comics” and how it led to who they are today in “Amazing Age!”

Thanks for reading, stay tuned!

Matthew D. Smith


Dear person reading this comic,

I look at the world we live in today and I realize I owe my children an apology. I wish that in my life I would have spent more time making it better.  I used to think the world was worth saving, I don’t know if I believe that anymore. It would be nice to feel that it was.

I grew up on the superheroes. I loved them as a child. They gave me hope. They made me want to help people and do amazing things. We all probably feel that way but a lot of us lose that somewhere.  As I’ve watched the things going on in the world the past few days I’ve felt very guilty.

As I’ve been drawing this I’ve seen my son creep up into my studio to watch me draw this strip. I hope that unlike me he is strong and willing to fight for good things and not give up on the world which is so damn easy to do. Superheroes don’t give me hope anymore. My kids do. Most kids do. They still have that thing I lost somewhere. Being young is an amazing thing that silly ass adults ruin for them all the time. Shame on us.

So here’s to hope… So here’s a comic…



Jeremy Massie… A silly sentimental cartoonist from the planet Earth.